With the passing of Pokey in 2010, and more recently, Bubba Moose (May 2011) I decided it was time to open my
home up to a new kitten.  My search took me to a local pet supply store where one of the managers is involved in cat
rescue.  She gave me a number to call, which eventually lead me to an automotive junk yard south of town.  There, I
found some 4 week old kittens whose mother had died the previous weekend.  The litter was five, and two had
already been given away.  All were covered in black grime from the filthy environment they were in.  I selected a
calico, thanked the junk yard guys, and took the kitten to my sister's house, where she got a bath.  I gave her a
second bath the next day, and she's starting to look good....
AKA "Junk Yard Kitten"
BELOW: Lilly and Inky showing their "tough gangster" pose.
At five weeks: chewing on dad's shoe....
Sleepy girl....
Below:  Some pictures I took in my studio: