ABOVE AND BELOW: Inky loves his Kitty Kondo.
LEFT: One reason he's known as the
"Devil Cat" around here.
RIGHT: Inky growing up.  The
bathroom sink is one of Inky's
favorite sleeping places.
ABOVE AND BELOW:  Inky meets his new keeper.
Please ignore the ugly guy in the picture....
Cute black kittens.
This is starting to sound familiar... It started with a call from my

I had recently lost a
13 year old black cat to a neurological disorder.
I really like black cats and always have one at home.  I had been
without one for a couple of months and was missing a black furball in
the house.  Anyway, my sister instructed me to get down to the local
shelter and have a look.  When we arrived, we found three beautiful
black kittens in a cage.  Two boys and one girl.  I like boy cats.  Once
neutered, I think they have more affectionate personalities than
girls.  One boy had some small white markings and one boy and the
girl were total black cats.  I selected the all black male and Nancy
took the other boy and the girl too.

When I brought him home,
Pokey blew her top.  There was a lot of
growling and hissing for a few days.  Actually, Pokey still gives him a
hard time.  As expected, Bubba and Lucky were OK with a new room
mate, even though Inky likes to play hard sometimes.

Now about a year-and-a-half old, Inky has a very good personality
and loves attention from everybody he meets.
RIGHT:  Life at the animal shelter.

Inky proudly displays his model kit collection and reference literature.