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FineScale Modeler Magazine:
Leading modeling hobbiest magazine.
Located in England, I'd bet that this is the world's largest supplier of modeling goods.  You can search
ANYTHING model related here!
Linden Hill Imports
If you're interested in models of  Soviet/Russian aircraft, this site is for you. Many hard-to-find kits
and lots of photos of the real things.
Dean's Hobby Stop
Dean specializes in older, out-of-production model kits.
Titanic Research & Modeling Association
One of my most favorite sites on the web.  See models of
the Titanic and other classic ocean liners by modelers from
all over the world.  Reference articles and links to places
where you can buy detaling sets to make
your Titanic a real
Aircraft Resource Center
Online magazine features built-up airplane models and
reviews of available kits.
Similar to the Aircraft Resource Center, this site covers all
models, not just airplanes.
Online Stores / Places To Buy:
HobbyTerra is an online model store located in the Ukraine.  You can
purchase kits and reference materials manufactured in former USSR
countries.  Shipping rates are reasonable and shipping time to the USA is
10 to 14 days.
Information on building models of these aircraft.  Also photographs of the real things.
Here's a small mail-order that is a one-stop shopping site for military aircraft decals.  Modelers aiming
to please fellow modelers.  I don't know about you, but I'm
constantly searching out sources for
aftermarket decals.  This is a GREAT place to do that!
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