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National Rifle Association
The evil gun lobby...
Gun Owners of America
The NRA will compromise on some issues... These guys DON'T!
Michigan Gun Shows
Online calendar of gun shows around the state.
Texas Gun Shows
Saxet is one of many show promoters in Texas. I always enjoyed their monthly show in San Antonio. I'll list more
TX gun show promoters later...
Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners
Gun-rights organization from my home state. If you're from Mich. and own a gun, you should be a member!
Texas State Rifle Association
Having lived in Texas, this is another organization that I support.
A reference site dedicated to the Russian Mosin-Nagant 1891/30 Rifle.
Another reference site for the 91/30 rifle.
Surplus Rifle
I like to collect military firearms.  This site is a reference site for many different types available to